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M+E: Mentorship & Entrepreneurship Edge™

M+E: Mentorship & Entrepreneurship EdgeHaynes Harbour Group, Inc. will implement an M+E: Mentorship & Entrepreneurship Edge™ Program to 9-12th ESE/SPED students commencing in August 2023. Our youth development program has adopted a rigorous, evidence-based, entrepreneurial curriculum; intended for budding entrepreneurs to collaborate on ingenious business ideas, concepts, feasibility, and sustainability. Youth participants will explore all aspects of business operations, economics/finance, researching, developing, prototyping, patents/trademarks, and marketing a business in addition to learning financial literacy strategies; and financial investments needed to launch and sustain a vital business; and calculating future business income, taxes, expenses, and profits.

*Selected youth participants will have the opportunity to create a full pitch deck, a written business plan, and will pitch their business at a showcase business plan, competition event hosted by Haynes Harbour Group, Inc. and financial industry leaders. "M+ E: High School Entrepreneurs Business Plan Competition” will be held every Spring in Soflo, commencing in the Summer of 2024.

For more information contact Dr. Haynes-Cruz Leon at

2024 Summer Experiential Clinics™

Creative Arts and Literacy (CAL) Summer ClinicsUnlocking our youth’s creative future through our Creative Arts and Literacy (CAL) Summer Clinics focused on: Screenwriters, Thespians, Entertainers, and Musicians™ (STEM), and Film, Acting, Cinematography, and Engineering™ (FACE).

Creative Arts and Literacy (CAL) Summer Clinics

Industry experts are excited to lend their knowledge and hands-on experience to helping our youth build an impressive professional portfolio with STEM/FACE accelerated Summer clinics. Youth will participate in a 9-week clinic to gain a one-of-a-kind learning and professional experience that goes beyond the high school classroom, blending academic enrichment with creative/performing arts career exploration. Through engaging workshops, classes, and hands-on projects, students develop valuable skills and insights in their field of Entertainment through creative mass media, while boosting their professional portfolios and enhancing their post-secondary experiences. To learn more about the application process, internships, and sponsorships, please email us at

Harbour CSI (Community + Solidarity = Impact) & Harbour LIV is our youth-guided initiative.

Harbour CSI is an anti-human trafficking peer-to-peer community council.

Harbour LIV consists of 54 community youth and is centered on creating a coordinated and consistent response to trafficking amongst youth. Our council and youth members participate in ongoing community/street outreach initiatives, anti-human trafficking workshops/training, forums, and symposiums; to recognize key indicators of human trafficking among their peers, which is the first step in identifying possible victims and incorporating rapid rescue and response to the exploitation and sex trafficking of minors and youth.

Where there is EDUCATION, there is EMPOWERMENT. And through Harbour CSI & Harbour LIV, youth are empowered to use their voice and knowledge to educate and empower others about the following issues:

• Child Sex Trafficking in America
• Pop Culture and Gender Inequality
• Internet Safety
• Healthy Relationships
• Demand & Supply Cycle

Community Collaboration

Haynes Harbour Group, Inc., is participating in Project W.O.K.E. (Wisdom, Opportunity, Knowledge, Empowerment). The focus of Project W.O.K.E. is to make a change in the community by positively impacting its youth. Our organization is in a pivotal position to assist in making this change! Below you will find the key topics that will be covered throughout the financial literacy course:

• Introduction to Financial Literacy Value of Money
• Basic Concepts of Taxation Setting Financial Goals
• Debt Management
• Budget Preparation
• Understanding Credit (credit score, interest)

Our goal is to educate a minimum of 250 students. Together, we can help build a strong community of financially educated young adults.

Community Impact

Harbour CSI & Harbour LIV are important to the community because the most vulnerable populace affected by human trafficking are our youth. These initiatives will equip our community youth with the necessary tools to co-create a platform for continual conversations and solutions to eradicate human trafficking. These projects will impact the community by creating a culture of trust and collaboration to reach, rescue, restore, and reintegrate victims and survivors of sex trafficking back into a life of normalcy.

Request an Educator

Our trained professionals are willing to appear for presentations at the local and national level to increase human trafficking literacy, education, advocacy/awareness, and prevention (LEAP™) and develop a true understanding of creating slave-free communities locally and globally.

If you would like us to speak at your school, church, organization, or community event, contact us at