"Wisdom is the ingredient that makes a human being inapt to be enslaved.”

- Dr. S. Haynes-Cruz Leon, Survivor-Warrior & Advocate








Our mission is to protect the vulnerable populace and their individual human rights to grow up free from threat of sexual exploitation and human trafficking and labor trafficking.


Our vision is to reach, rescue, restore, and reintegrate victims and survivors of sex trafficking back into a life of normalcy.


Our goal is to reintegrate individuals in crises and experiencing trauma with life-long solutions to better their lives and reach their full potential of emotional, physical, and mental freedom.


Organization Overview

Haynes Harbour, Inc. prides itself on seeking, saving, and serving the vulnerable populace in underserved communities, in an effort to alleviate human trafficking, poverty, hunger, and homelessness. We condemn all forms of human rights abuses, including human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and youth. 

Haynes Harbour, Inc: 

* Advocates for federal/state policy and legislation that prevent exploitation, protects youth, and grantees that any youth who is subjected to sex trafficking or exploitation will not be prosecuted in courts for prostitution.

*Promotes corporate responsibility among private companies with a strong focus on the tourism, beauty/barber shops, tattoo shops, and hospitality sector.

*Educate first responders and the community about this issue so that they can identify victims and join us in the fight to better protect our youth.

*Empowers youth to take lead against human trafficking by

equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to help them become advocates against this terrible trade.

Youth Advocacy & Education: 

Harbour CSI (Community+Solidarity=Impact) & Harbour LIV (symbolic of roman numeral 54) is our youth-guided initiative.

Harbour CSI is an anti-human trafficking peer-to-peer community council. 


Harbour LIV consist of 54 community youth and is centered on creating a coordinated and consistent response to trafficking amongst youth. Our council and youth members participate in ongoing community/street outreach initiatives, anti-human trafficking workshops/trainings, forums and symposiums; to recognize key indicators of human trafficking among their peers, which is the first step in identifying possible victims and incorporating rapid rescue and response to the exploitation and sex trafficking of minors and youth

Where there is EDUCATION, there is EMPOWERMENT, and through Harbour CSI & Harbour LIV, youth are empowered to use their voice and knowledge to educate and empower others about the the following issues:

  • Child sex trafficking in America

  • Pop culture and gender inequality

  • Internet Safety

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Demand & Supply cycle

Community Impact

Harbour CSI & Harbour LIV are important to the community because the most vulnerable populace affected by human trafficking are our youth. These initiatives will equip our community youth with the necessary tools to co-create a platform for continual conversations and solutions to eradicate human trafficking. These projects will impact the community by creating a culture of trust and collaboration to reach, rescuerestore, and reintegrate victims and survivors of sex trafficking back into a life of normalcy.